Australasian Safari 2009

Australasian Safari 2009

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 2: Briefings and Official Start plus pics!!!

Not much to report here from Day 2 of the Australasian Safari. We had a bunch of meetings today which included the Competitors Briefing, Media Briefing and then a Transport Briefing. As far as briefings go these were some of the most informative and well thought out ones I have attended. I have extreme ADD so I managed to slip out a couple times and take pictures, run around, scream and generally waste time effectively enough to not go crazy. With any luck I didn’t miss anything too important……
After the briefings we set off for the “Official and Ceremonial Start of the event and then back to the Mess Tent for dinner. Tomorrow is Prologue and then we get into the nitty gritty of the event. For now though you can visit my picture site at: or even find some more information at the official Safari site at: if that doesn’t whet your whistle then visit my friends blog over at:
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  1. Justin! What amazing pictures....I'm loving all the S4H love being shown in Australia. :-)
    Keep up the great work and show us some more beautiful scenery.