Australasian Safari 2009

Australasian Safari 2009

Friday, September 24, 2010

Leg 6, Norseman to Esperance

Well, not too much to report today. The Safari left Norseman this morning and had an 8 kilometer transport stage before getting right into the nitty gritty. This year the organizers really have thrown everything in there arsenal at the riders. The day started out fast and then got really tight in the Salmon Gums of the area before heading out around some fast dry lake beds and across some big fields, then back into the tight stuff.
Two Stages were run with the first in the shire of Dundas and the second crossing into the Shire of Esperance. Esperance is one of Australia’s most beautiful towns and is well worth checking out here:

Esperance. View from the look out.
The stages were short today and although I am the US Ambassador for this event I feel this needs to be addressed. Safari’s and rally’s should be just that. Long and challenging. This years event has definitely had the long and challenging but I agree with a lot of the riders in thinking that many of the legs (days) seem like too much of a sprint.

Well, enough of my whining, here are some results. Ben Grabham has extended his lead during the two stages run today and now sits on an overall time of 24.14.36 with a 18+ minute lead over Todd Smith 24.33.28. Matthew Fish is creeping up and taking advantage of some of the riders that have DNF’d so far. He is 25.18.28 overall. David Schwarz and David Beavis. Unfortunately Rod Faggotter decided not to start this morning after suffering a broken hand yesterday. Faggotter finished yesterdays leg with the injury which was 166 Kilometers after it occurred. Annie Seel has been slowly creeping up the leader board and currently sits in 15th, down just under 5 minutes from Western Australia’s Steve Cooney who sits in 14th.

Ben Grabham at the start of todays leg. About 15 Kilometres out of Norseman

Jose Rorigues Filho "Pastry" has been going fast the last couple of days. He sits 18th now after losing time the second day.

Like I said at the start, there is not much to report so far. No drama yet and everyone seems to have made it through the leg so far. If I hear anything news worthy I will be sure to post it.
For those that do not know yet but are interested, my foundation “The Maley Foundation” is doing a Breast Cancer Fund Raiser in February next year. We are doing a ride across America on Scooters. Starting in Oceanside California we will traverse the country and finishing at the Daytona Supercross on March 6th having covered only 61 miles of freeway, with the rest of the ride being back roads. You can find out more about the event by visiting my foundation here:
Be sure to check , and for more Safari information and coverage! Visit for all the official Safari information and drop me an email if you are interested in riding next year at:

I have been working on an idea to make the 2011 edition of the Safari a big thing for all the international riders and look to have brokered a deal to keep costs down. Stay tuned as i will iron things out in the coming weeks and will issue you ALL a challenge!

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