Australasian Safari 2009

Australasian Safari 2009

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leg 7. Final stages!

Well, it’s the final day! Today was an all sand day! The competitors set off on a 22KM loop around Pink Lake just west of Esperance. These dunes are notoriously soft and reports came quickly of officials and the course “Double 0” car getting stuck before the riders and drivers had even got there.

After the 22 km the competitors would transport from the Pink Lake area over to the east side of town to the Bandy Creek side. There, a 5KM course had been logged on the road book and because of a local Aboriginal group claiming some BS that had gone to court the Safari had to run this twice rather than the original 40KM section laid out.
Rather than go on and on I will simply throw some pictures up.
Right now I don’t have access to the final results, or even the tentative ones, because our WiFi has been moved to a different location till later tonight. Besides that, it’s time for the presentation dinner and beers.

Kenny Scott finished 6th Overall in the 2010 Australasian Safari
Annie Seel had a slow speed tip over here. Amazing she swears in PERFECT english.....

Victoria's Glenn Brown got the big Aprilia 550 to the finish in 17th Overall.

Darrin Appleby from WA went down here. Then............

His mate Josh Petrig from Bunbury WA followed suit

Heath Young from WA crests one of the many sand dunes from today.
German Media correspondent slept here last night. His bed remained un touched about 6 feet from here.
Shane Diener jumps into the dune section on Leg 7. He would end up 32nd after having a bad day on Leg 4.

John Maragozidis blows out a berm on his Quad

Phil Penalurick finished 21st
Graham Grant muscled the 1983 BMW GS R65 home in 30th!!!

Look for some big news about the Safari to come soon. I hope you have enjoyed the blog and again, you can find more info here: , and please check out my foundation and help us in the fight against breast cancer by clicking "like" on our face book page from the foundation home page:


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