Australasian Safari 2009

Australasian Safari 2009

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Prologue and a freaking EPIC Wide Helmet Cam......

Today we packed everything up in Perth Western Australia and headed out to Southern Cross. When we arrived, the bivouac was already abuzz with people checking and rechecking bikes, cars and quads. Teams were setting up for the cold night ahead and riders had already started collecting and mounting road books.
My first order of business was to find a rider to run my EPIC Wide HD Helmet Cam. After a quick scout I managed to come across Ex-Motocrosser and all round good guy Warren Strange. We outfitted his helmet with the camera and I gave him a crash course on how to operate the tiny, helmet mounted camera. With a quick test we made sure things were good to go and I headed out to drive part of the Prologue in the brand spanking new Mitsubishi Pajero that was supplied by Mitsubishi Australia and
We found a great little spot for some pictures and settled in content in the knowledge that I would get some great still shots and also a full helmet cam video for everyone to watch. After shooting pictures all afternoon we loaded up the Pajero and headed back to the bivouac. After arriving and running to collect my helmet cam and check the EPIC footage……. Jumping with joy and so excited to watch the prologue from a riders point of view that I nearly pee’d my pants I plugged in the camera and clicked on the Video 1. The test worked! 5 seconds of test footage. Perfect. Then a quick double click on Video 2.…….. Nothing. Again a double click, still nothing. Now I am getting worried. I hand the camera and cable to a “real” journalist and he tells me the file is there but the size is 0 kbs. The next words out of my mouth were VERY loud and also not really something I should type on a family friendly blog.
Anyway, KTM’s Todd Smith headed out for the prologue second off the grid and quickly made a push to get passed his brother, and last years overall winner, Jacob. GHR Honda’s AJ Roberts was second through the section and was 19 seconds behind Todd. Ben Grabham was another 4 seconds down and then my helmet cam wearing mate Warren Strange was 4th. Swedish rider Annie Seel had a couple problems and only managed to get through the section in 39th.
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I am proud to report that most of the competitors and staff are running my Scooters 4 Hooters Breast Cancer stickers and also supporting my charity event. For more information about that follow this link
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